Sunday, June 8, 2014


As I said I have had a "craft crisis" with many of my supplies unavailable to me to play with. That being the case I have been playing a lot with paint, canvases, and Faber-Castell gelatos. Within my mom's painting treasures was "texture paste" I have never played with it before and wanted to experiment.

I thought it would be cool to make another gift for a friend. She is an amazing person and the Lord has done such a transformation in her life. It's awesome to see!

So I started out with a Gelato background, when that was dry, I outlined the word "Transformed" and then filled it in with texture paste, building up layers. I colored in the paste to blend in slightly with the background but then outlined it with a black sharpie to give the letter's more definition.

Wanting to have something to symbolize a transformation, I stamped butterflies on vellum and then heat embossed them. When cool I colored them in with painted on Gelatos and then cut out the butterflies. Bending them slightly at the middle I was able to hot glue them on just down the middle to give the look of the butterflies being "in flight" as well as landing on the word "Transformed."

After adding a scripture reference I called it done. It looks much cooler "in person" and my friend Erica loved it!

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