Monday, December 29, 2014

Finger Knit Headband-the next generation!

This past Saturday, we celebrated Christmas with my husbands side of the family. In the midst of the family celebration there sat my daughter and niece working on knitting and crocheting projects. My 13 year old niece is an avid knitter/crocheter and even sells some of her creations to family and friends. My 13 year old daughter, while enjoying crafting in general, never mastered the skill of knitting and was getting pointers from my niece. It was exciting to see "the next generation" pick up needles and enjoy the satisfaction of handmade.

Never being one to pass up an opportunity to make something, I grabbed a couple of skeins of yarn they were not using and proceeded to create my "Fast Finger Knit Head Band" in between helping with dinner dishes and opening presents. My niece was fascinated with the technique and actually put down her piece to learn how to finger knit.

This project is a favorite because from start to finish it takes less than an hour and turns out cute, so perfect for a young teen to create while waiting patiently for the adults to finally say "it's present time" ;)  I typically use one skein of heavier weight yarn to create this project, but since that wasn't available, we used two skeins simultaneously to get the bulk/weight for the headband. I loved the way it turned out.

It did need a little something though. I wanted to create a flower for it, but didn't have my trusty Crochet Dude Flower Loom with me. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and so I got creative. Grabbing a corner of a gift box, I cut a square about 3" x 3". Then I notched the sides and cut a hole out of the middle, in essence creating my own loom. The notches were for making the petals, the hole in the center was for tying off the flower.

Starting at one corner I wrapped diagonally across the form, moving over one notch with each wrap. When I got back to my starting point, I started tying off the center through the hole I created in the cardboard. When I was finished tying off, I had to figure out how to get the flower off the loom. Since folding down the tabs and releasing the petals didn't work, I ended up having to cut/tear the cardboard away but I was quite pleased with the results.

I ended up giving the headband to my niece, we decided it needed a button in the center, and so she was going to take it home to finish it up.  Her headband turned out fabulous as well!

If you would like my pattern for the Fast Finger Knit Headband, you can find it in a free ebook published by "Fave Crafts" Best Blogger Crafts

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