Tuesday, January 27, 2015

If you give a knitter some yarn!

My pal Erica has been home with sick kiddos for almost two weeks now. Talking to her one morning on facebook, I asked her if there was anything she needed.  I was going to be driving by her place on the way out in the morning and know what it's like to be trapped with sick kiddos.  She jokingly replied to me "yarn" and the crafter in me responded to her heart's cry.  I just happened to have the perfect "care package" to give to a friend in need of a yarn fix.

I recently attended the "Fave Crafts Blogger Event" at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade show. One of the perks for attending the event was a fabulous box of goodies to play with when we got home. My box contained a bag from yarnspirations.  Inside the bag was some of the new Bernat "mega bulky" yarn in the color of "new gold." 

 So grabbing the bag and the yarn, I made a mad dash for my friend's house, stopping only to get a quick "I LOVE YOU" from the weary mom, I quickly ran out the door not to be infected by the creeping crud. (Actually it was more like..."Oooo infinity scarf.." but I know "I Love you" was in her heart....ok who am I kidding..she saw YARN!)

You know how it goes"If you give a knitter some yarn...." it wasn't long before I had these pictures gracing my inbox.
Erica found something productive to do during the illness induced nap time of her children. I love the infinity scarf she made and can't wait to see her wearing it... but maybe after flu season ;) 

Thanks Bernat for sponsoring the Fave Crafts event and sponsoring a few creative minutes for a friend with sick kids!!!

To see more fabulous projects from Bernat visit their BLOG.


  1. What a nice jester and perfect for a friend in need (of yarn! lol!)!! LOVE what she created...I need to learn how to do that! Just beautiful :) You are a good friend!

  2. How thoughtful! It's fun to share the crafty wealth.

  3. Betsy...YOU are a precious friend, indeed! I LOVE the infinity scarf...but I don't think I'll go to those lengths to have you stop by!



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