Friday, October 30, 2015

Homemade Halloween!

Halloween always seems to sneak up on me. Partly because it's off my radar with being so immersed in "shoebox season." This year though provided to be a bit more of a challenge because while one child said "mom I want to be "Riversong" (from Doctor Who) the other didn't mumble a word to me about his choice in costume.

Thusly I found myself, putting together costumes last minute for the costume dance at CYCM.  My daughters was simpler, we did a google image search on Riversong and then used those outfits as reference when we cruised the local thrift store. A khaki jumper, wonderfully detailed belt, and a couple of additional belts to make a holster for a laser gun. Gave us a good start on completing her look.
Modeling her costume during the costume walk!

I hate Fezzes! 

My son on the other hand has a bit more difficult. The day before he mentions "well maybe I would like to be Robin Hood"  (because he found a really cool feathered hat at a free sale) So Supermom to the rescue. I picked up some green fabric, and then during our homeschool group, I cruised to the sewing room and whipped up a simple tunic and twisted yarn belt. Adding a brown long sleeved shirt finished the clothing part of the costume over jeans since he refused to wear tights...geesh! I picked up a toy bow and arrow set at a local Ben Franklin making a simple quiver out of a "tube box" to finish off his costume.

Showing off the mad bow and arrow skills ;) 
Kids being finished, it was time to start my costume. I knew what I had wanted to be for awhile. I really wanted to create a giant shoebox costume. I knew I could use it not only for the costume dance at the youth center but I could use it during our packing party. The main problem was finding the right sized box! After cutting a few holes, a simple coat of paint,  paper cover for the box top and blowing up the logos on the copy machine and voila` I became an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Gift!

Happy Halloween! 

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