Monday, October 19, 2015

From Head to Toe!

I'm know around these here parts as the #CrazyShoeboxLady and I love shoeboxes from head to toe! I wanted to create a fun pair of custom kicks for our upcoming packing party. Finding a pair of knock off converse at our local Wally World, I set out to adding a bit of fun to them.

I started off by downloading the Operation Christmas Child logo, and then printing it on printable fabric. The type I used was from a company called "Threads" and it is designed to be used with your inkjet printer. It comes in a variety of fabric types, I used their "Cotton Twill. " for this project.

Using the printable fabric is as simple as changing a setting on your printer to photo and cardstock. I used the cardstock setting because what I was running through the printer was thick.

The result was my own custom images to then cut out and use as desired. Since I was using them on shoes, I simply backed the image with permanent fabric adhesive and attached them to my shoes.

I added some decorative laces to complete the look. The whole process took less than an hour to complete, in fact it took longer to get my shoelaces to look the way I wanted than to print and attach the image!

Simple way to add some pizzaz to a pair of shoes!

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