Friday, December 14, 2018

Christmas Tree Photo Holder

I love Christmas, even more so I love crafting with kids at Christmas, the look on their faces not to mention the pride they show as they create decorations or presents for friends and family is priceless. This year I had the privilege to work with Thrive Homeschool Group to create a photo holder Christmas Trees, they are super easy and kids and parents alike love them!


Large Craft Sticks (found at Dollar Tree)
1" x 1 1/2" wood block (I used scrap wood)
1 wood clothespin
1 wood star (if desired)
Assorted Paint I used Folk Art by Plaid Crafts
Paint Brushes
Paper Plate for Pallet
Hot Glue Gun
Saw or Heavy Duty Scissors (to cut the craft sticks)
Plastic or newspaper to protect painting surface

Directions-for one tree:

Prepare 4 craft sticks to paint, leave the first stick alone, the second stick snip off the rounded ends, cut the third stick into two pieces so that one is 1/3 third of the stick the other one is 2/3s of the stick. Cut the final stick in half. You will only use one of the halves.

Paint all pieces as desired. Start with a base coat, allow to dry and then add decorations. Older children are normally fine but might need a bit of guidance. Younger children use their finger prints to add "ornaments" to their trees for a special keepsakes (Be sure to add the year!)

Once the paint is dry, glue pieces together to the base. The uncut stick is the trunk, and arrange the rest of the pieces above the present largest to smallest to form the tree. You can either glue them straight, or for a more whimsical look tilt them. Glue the clothespin to the back of the tree and the star to the top.

The kids did a great job! 

Thanks to Plaid Crafts for generously supplying the paints and brushes! 

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