Thursday, April 18, 2019

Of Easter and Art

This Easter season I joined a "Thriving Christian Artist's" Challenge. Each day leading up to Easter we were inspired by a devotional and then encouraged to create based on that. 

I only finished 3 pieces (In the 7 days) but also was inspired to finish another piece I've been working on for the last month or so. Here are the 3 days of the challenge I did complete and my thoughts on the day! Even though I didn't finish it, I  enjoyed the challenge of playing with something new, and the inspiration. 

Day 1--So I'm in a Thriving Christian Artists, Thriving in the Light of Easter Art Challenge. (Think count down to Easter with a devotion and scripture...and art! ) Today's verses were: John 3:16, I John 2:17, Romans 6:23, John 17:3 I pictured a wall, and how vines will grow on it, and attach themselves to it. Those vines will slowly start to weaken parts of the wall, until one day it beings to crumble. I thought about the walls we build up in our heart and how the message and power of cross begins to work it's way in and begin to crumble those walls. So this was what I made with it. I'm probably going to add some journaling, and some "cracks in the wall" to further make the point. But I loved just sitting and trying to make a visual rendition of what the scriptures meant to me. I used a medium new to me (Pastels) and an odd sized journal, so it was fun challenge.

Day 2, Today's scriptures Romans 8:11, Acts 4:8-10, 1 Peter 2:24, Isaiah 53:5... (You will need to read my description to understand the image.) This was really quick today as I only have a few minutes and I don't draw all, but I have been working on trying to visually put down on paper what I see/feel, vs. just using words. As I was reading these wonderful scriptures about healing, and Jesus carrying our infirmities, and sin, I thought of how "light" I feel after giving him my problems, and worries. And I thought "gee too bad it doesn't translate to being lighter on the scale." I then had this image of Jesus feet on the scale and the needle buried. Carrying the weight of the world...our sickness, our shame, our sin...and how heavy it must have felt.

Day 3 of the Easter challenge for "Thriving Christian Artists" 2 Corinthians 5:21, 1 Peter 2:24, Romans 5:1 Today's verses were about the Righteousness of Christ. It's not something you's about what he has done for us.I was thinking about putting on Jesus' it's not something we just become part of us...(the love of Christ compels me type of thing.). While praying about this and the verses, I thought about something that happened to me recently. I was purchasing a large number of fidget spinners for our Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts, because the order was large and pulled early for me, I was at the service desk. The gal rang me up I paid, then loaded my car, before I left the parking lot I checked the receipt for some reason, I realized the gal didn't ring up the right number of spinners, I still owed the store. So I grabbed my receipt and the tally paper and went in to pay the remainder. While she was ringing up the rest, she said..."Not many people would have come back" I kinda shrugged "I can't believe you came back" "It the right thing to do"....WOW...I need a church like that (she knew I was doing a charity project) what church do you go to?" I was able to share a bit with her. Because of Jesus and what he has done for me there was no other option then doing the right thing even if the world doesn't understand...There's a verse in John1:5 "The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness doesn't understand it." (Acrylic and gel ink on 2 mini canvases)

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