Monday, August 23, 2021

Wild Thing-Gwen Studios Ribbon Projects


DIY Lamp Upcycle

 A couple of weeks back I was presented an opportunity through the Designer Crafts Connection to received a wonderful assortment of Gwen Studios ribbon and applique's to create with.

I will admit after being in awe of the texture and luxurious feel of the faux leather ribbons, the animal prints intimidated me a bit. But I was excited to create with these beautiful ribbons. 
For my first project, I decided to update an accent lamp I had picked up at the thrift store.  I loved the shape of lamp but the shade left much to be desired. 

Supplies: thrift store lamp, hot glue gun/glue sticks, Gwen Studio Ribbons-3/8" Satin (Black), faux leather 3/8" brown snakeskin and 7/8" cheetah print.  Optional-hot glue helpers (Plaid Crafts)

  • Remove lampshade from lamp base. Measure the length of the lampshade, add 1 inch if working on a straight pattern 2 inches for a diagonal. 
  • Cut ribbon to length.
  • Decide on ribbon pattern order (I choose to use the black satin ribbon in between the two patterns I selected to create a distinct stripe.)  Begin by putting a bead of glue along the top inside rim, press ribbon into place. (This is where hot glue helpers come in handy.) Wrap ribbon around outside of shade and secure underneath with more hot glue. 
  • Continue with additional ribbons until surface of the shade is completely covered.  
  • When you get to the end, you might have some overlap at either the top (or the bottom or both just adjust until you are happy with the finished look. 

I love the difference between the before and after!

 "Wild Thing" card

My second project came because I couldn't stop singing the chorus of "Wild Thing" while making the lamp. Then I saw this adorable "Wild Thing" paper by PHOTOPLAY Paper Company and the card begged to be created. 

Supplies used: Gwen Studios Ribbon-Faux Leather 3/8' white snakeskin, PHOTOPLAY Paper Company-Wild Thing pattern papers, Hero Arts "I love you" stamp, Fiskars-black rub-on alphabet (discontinued), brown and black cardstock from stash, dry adhesive, Ranger Archival-black permanent ink pad and hot glue gun/glue sticks. 

 The faux leather ribbon, had the bonus of having an almost canvas like feel to the backside of the ribbon, this made it perfect for stamping on  (I love you) and using rub-ons (i think) with. 

The ribbon heart was created  using the "Faux Leather" white cheetah pattern.

  • Begin by cutting 2- 3 1/2" pieces of ribbon and 2- 2 1/2" pieces of ribbon. 
  • Using some form of grid to help keep you "square" lay one of the  3 1/2" face down horizontally. 
  • Place the 2nd piece of 3 1/2" length ribbon at a 90 degree angle with the ends touching. Glue in place
  • Stack a piece of the 2 1/2" length on top of the horizontal side and glue in place, place the 2nd piece of 2 1/2" at a 90 degree angle on top of the first glue in place (see image 1) he
  • Work beginning from the left hand side (the horizontal side) and fold over the shorter ribbon piece creating a loop that exposes the pattern and glue the end in place next to the first set glued ends on the right side. (see image 2)
  • Fold over the right hand side (vertical)  in similar fashion, glue in place on the left (see image 3)
  • Fold over the horizontal (left side) longer ribbon piece, going under the first loop and secure in place with glue. Repeat with the right side making sure to go over the left hand loop before securing with more glue on the right (see images 4 and final for reference.)

 I love the way it looks like Mr. Grumpy Gorilla is blowing kisses at the heart. Hmm he might need a set of bright red lips💋

Thanks again Gwen Studios and Designer Crafts Connections for the opportunity to create with these amazing ribbons! I can't wait to do more! 



  1. The lamp shade is beautiful and so stylish. I love the way Gwen Studios coordinates their ribbon assortments making it easy, and saves designing time, when creating a project. Looks like I will be shopping for lamps/w shades on my next trip to the 2nd time around shop. Good Job!
    Gwen Edwards

    1. Thank-you Gwen! Yes the collection made it super easy to coordinate! and oh my goodness the feel of the faux leather was sumptuous! They were fun to work with.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Janet! The lamp is the perfect height for the cat to sit under too...BONUS! :)


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