Monday, December 15, 2014

When Home Depot Comes to Visit!

We are a part of a fabulous homeschooling cooperative called Potter's Hand. In addition to regular activity days, field trips, and spelling bees, one of the events our family looks forward to every year is our Christmas Activity Day.

This year instead of the parents teaching individual project classes for the day, Potter's Hand invited the wonderful gals from the Home Depot Kid's Workshop to come in and do a woodworking project with the kids. They were awesome! Not only did they instruct the children on creating their projects, they brought in all tools and supplies as well.

The kids worked diligently, gluing, hammering, and then painting and decorating, and had fun doing it.  The projects ranged from painted holiday yard stakes, to tool boxes and coasters.  Even our "hard to please" pre/teenage boys group got into the projects enjoying the fact it wasn't your typical "cut and glue" Christmas craft.

Due to the "sensitive nature" of the projects created, my children would not let their "finished projects" be photographed. But I did manage to get a picture of some of the projects from an earlier class while they were drying! (They turned out adorable!) A huge thank-you to the ladies from the Frankfort, IL Home Depot!

Monday, December 8, 2014


Volunteering at the local teen center is a lot of fun, especially when you get to take 15 teenage girls to a nearby church to bake some Christmas cookies! We tried to contain the mess but with 15 enthusiastic bakers it can be somewhat difficult especially when a flour fight occurs. Mess aside, the girls had a ton of fun baking and decorating their cookies. It was agreed though the best part was EATING them!

(And we didn't save ANY for the guys!) 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Inspire Canvas

A simple flat panel canvas turns into an "inspiring" decoration with Mod Podge and some simple embellishments.

After creating a base layer of Mod Podge-d scrapbook paper, I layered the cut out shapes and the "inspire" wording. When dry, I added some lace trim and buttons. The finishing touch was the adorable charm I created using a Craft Fantastic Charm Tray. The flower charm was designed to be a necklace but I flipped it upside-down and hung the bird charm off of it. 

I loved the results and this canvas became a wonderful decorative touch to my craft area! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Beautiful You-Scrap Challenge

When you finish with any project do you find yourself with tons of "good scraps"? No I don't mean that tiny stuff only destined for the garbage can, I mean, pieces that the crafter in you cringes at the thought of throwing away. I end up with tons of them and I saved them, and saved them. Finally I started challenging myself to create with the leftover scraps before putting my supplies away. Normally I just create a card or two, this time though, I had enough I wanted to see if I could create an entire layout.

Starting with a solid white base, I used some larger pieces to add color to the base, inking around the edges to make them stand out. After mounting the photo, I used smaller pieces cut into pennant shapes for a cute border. Tying the whole thing together with a border strip punched out from a longer scrap, and scrap ribbon.

The only "non scrap" items besides the photo, were the letter stickers (Basic Gray) and chip board (random), and the solid sheet of white which happened to be an insert from a page protector. I love the way I was able to feature this photo of my daughter. It's one of my favorites. This was our "last day" on the merry-go-round before they tore it down at the park, and the look of pure joy as she was spinning just makes me happy!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Easy Peasy Custom Cupcake Toppers

So what's a gal to do when she wants to bring some special cupcakes to some fabulous Operation Christmas Child volunteers? She creates custom cupcake toppers of course!

Supplies needed:
XL scalloped circle punch (Fiskars) Large circle punch (Fiskars) red and green cardstock, printed images/logo, adhesive, toothpicks, and cupcakes.

To make, simply punch out two scalloped circles from the red and green cardstock, then punch out circles of your printed image/logo, layer the scalloped circles together with the toothpick, making sure to adhere the toothpick well. Add your punched out logo to the center of the scalloped circles and insert your cupcake topper into your cupcakes and enjoy!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Shoebox 1k

The long anticipated day came and left and oh how we were blessed! Over 300 volunteers converged upon the Christian Youth Center of Morris, IL to help us pack over 2000 shoebox gifts. (Our final total ended up being 2129!) In addition to the 300 volunteers we had Shine FM radio join us for the day as well. They took photos that people could put in their packed shoeboxes along with a letter to the child receiving the boxes.

I wish to thank the hundreds of people that have volunteered not just during the packing party, but throughout the year as well. Thanks to our generous sponsors that donated supplies and money and items to raffle off.My regular crew; David, Winter, Emily, Sharon, Sherri, Tricia (and kids,) Mike, Ed, Jules, Judy, Heidi, Erica, Laurie (and company) Lana, Rita, Sylvia, Clare, and Emma, and I'm sure there are more people that I am forgetting...(please forgive me) You all are amazing and it's our efforts put all together and mixed in with God that turn this project into a "whole lot of AWESOME"

Please enjoy a few snapshots from the day, to view the full photo albums, visit the "Shoebox 1k" photo albums on Facebook:

Monday, October 27, 2014

CD Tops!

When people find out you are "crafty" there is no end to the things they ask if you want. Earlier this summer I was given two boxes of old CD's Not quite sure what I would do with them I held on to them until I figured out a project or two. When I came across a how to for creating tops out of CD's I knew I had found a winning project.

The directions called for "shooter sized" marbles,  or ping pong balls, but the thrifty queen in my balked at the price. I had literally hundreds of these tops that I could make and didn't really want to pay $5 for 2 dozen marbles of the correct size. I decided to look elsewhere. Looking at Oriental Trading Company, I found small rubber balls that were 3/4' in diameter, and in addition to being the perfect size for this project, happened to be $5 for 144, much more friendly on my budget! Besides the Cd's and marbles, I would need wrapping paper, mod podge, soda caps and a hot glue gun to complete this project.

Then it was time to call in the troops.

About 10 of us, traced the Cd's onto the wrapping paper, then cut out the circles. These circles were mod podged to the CD's and when dry, we glued the rubber ball inside the hole of the Cd and then glued a soda cap on top as a handle. The result were some adorable Cd tops that spun surprisingly well. In our morning of crafting we finished around 200 of these guys to put in shoebox gifts for Operation Christmas Child.

I will say that we had difficulty with the glue sticking when we used a lo-temp gluegun. We found we needed the high temperature glue or the handles would peel off. To find the original directions I based this project from visit: Mama's Little Muse