Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sharing the Creative Heart-Creativation (Before the show)

Every January, members of the Association for Creative Industries (AFCI) (formerly CHA) get together at "Creativation"  the annual trade show and convention. This is a time of connecting, equipping and learning about new products and opportunities within the creative industry. I have a member of the association (and attending the shows since 2003.)

These last couple of years I have been a part of the designer section of the association. The last couple of years the designer section has held a event called "Sharing the Creative Heart". Designer members are encourage to create an original piece of art to leave someone on the show floor for some random person to find and take home. The only guideline, have a heart someone on the piece.

I participated last year and received such a sweet and encouraging email from the gal that found the canvas I made. She shared how it inspired her to create and share with others.

Since I had such a sweet response last year, naturally I had to participate again! My inspiration came from one of my favorite bible stories found in 1 Samuel 16:1-13, the calling of David. In this story the prophet Samuel is told by the Lord to go anoint the new king of Israel. He is told to go to the house of Jesse to anoint one of his sons. When he gets there and asks to see his sons, Jesse brings out his oldest son, Samuel first thought was "yes this is surly the one to be king." The Lord "NO" for "Man looks at the outward appearance, but I look to the heart." I wanted what I created to be a reminder to "look to the heart" in all that you do and with all those you meet.

This year since I had some down time, I decided I just needed to play, so I pulled out my Gel Press Mono-printing plate and made some prints on mini canvases. I love mixing the paints, and adding texture with plates, bubble wrap and more, it's so fun (and very relaxing) and each print is unique!

I had so much fun I ended up with 12 mini (3"x3") canvases.  


Then I got to have fun embellishing. I found a whole bunch of brass charms and findings at the thrift store (a major score for $1.99) the brass color was too dull for what I wanted to use them for so I used Krylon's 18k gold leafing pen. I then added hearts. To create the darker hearts I used cardstock and "leatherized it" (spritz it with water, and crumple it up several different times and ways, smooth out and blast with a heat gun.) The "leathered paper", really does give the paper the look of leather, and adds a fun texture to enhance with ink vs. smooth cardstock. To finish off I added touches of flowers, gemstones, even some random stamping and washi tape.

I then wrote the phrase "look to the heart"  on strips of vellum and added those to the canvas as well. To finish things off I added a flat piece of magnet to the backs of the canvas, since they are small enough, I figured people could use them as a fridge magnet.

If you are at the 

be sure to look for:

To be able to take home your very own piece of art from a creative heart!

Products used: 3"x 3" mini canvases, Gel Press Monoprinting Gel Plates, Plaid Crafts Folk Arts Acrylic Paints, Krylon 18k Gold Leaving Pen, assorted brass charms, vellum, flowers, glass dots, felt trim, Little B Washi Tape-Gold Collection, assorted gemstones, hot glue, ranger archival ink in black, and strip magnet.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Bottle cap earrings!

At a recent party, friends served several styles of craft sodas. These sodas (and some beers) had fun names and cute bottle caps that I couldn't let go to waste! So I did what any crafter would do! I saved the caps.

This is what I did with them.

Washing them to remove the soda/beer residue,  I then used my trusty, We R Memory Keepers, Crop-a-dial to punch holes. I threaded small glass beads, onto head pins and added the bottle caps to the head pins. Topping with more beads and finishing with earring wires and I had a cute pair of up-cycled earrings!

As you can tell the Capt'n Eli's soda was popular ;) I loved the way they turned out and will make great gifts for my daughters and their friends for Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

All that Glitters!

For the past couple of years I have been collecting old jewelry. Pieces from thrift stores and garage sales, antique stores and things given to me by family, have all found their way into my collection. The goal of the collection was to make a wall hanging out of the jewelry.

This project has been sitting in bits and pieces on my desk for about 2 years, and since I had some extra time the last few days so I  decided to finish it and just in time for Christmas!

After cleaning the pieces, I removed the pin backs and post if necessary, some of the pieces came to broken, so a little E-6000 was used to replace the gems. 

Try to remove pins and backings as close to the piece as possible, this will help the jewelry to adhere flat to the fabric.

Using a piece of black velvet for the background, I outlined a basic shape with masking tape on the velvet. I also used masking tape to secure the fabric to my cutting mat, because the fabric was slippery this just helped keep things in place. After figuring out the basic placement, I used hot glue to attach the jewelry to the fabric. 

Looking at all the pieces is like a game of "i-spy" 

The fabric was then attached to a board. I originally wanted to add lights to the piece, tucking them in from behind, but due to my Facebook opinion poll, decided against it. (26 to 11 in favor of no lights and three suggestions of gallery lights and one vote for a disco ball from my daughter. )  After the fabric was attached I used glazier points from MD Hobby and Craft to secure the wood into the frame. 

Insert the points parallel to the piece using a flathead screwdriver to wiggle into place, if you are having trouble a slight tap with the hammer helps. 
Because of the weight of not only the jewelry but the wood I attached the fabric too, I didn't want the frame to carry all the weight, so I attached a simple wood support frame to the decorative frame. 

You can see the holes originally drilled for lighting.

I love the finished project!

 I do agree it needs light to bounce off the jewelry to give it some added sparkle, but am glad I didn't embed lights as I think it might detract from the beauty of the jewelry itself. I still might add some type of gallery light but probably not the disco ball my daughter had in mind ;)

I pray all of you have a wonderful holiday season, and a very Merry Christmas!!!

Supplies used: Vintage jewelry, Velvet fabric, wood,  E-6000, MD Hobby and Craft Glaizer Points, Screwdriver, Hammer, Drill, Screws, AdTech multi temp glue gun, pliers, cutters, button shank remover

Friday, December 14, 2018

Christmas Tree Photo Holder

I love Christmas, even more so I love crafting with kids at Christmas, the look on their faces not to mention the pride they show as they create decorations or presents for friends and family is priceless. This year I had the privilege to work with Thrive Homeschool Group to create a photo holder Christmas Trees, they are super easy and kids and parents alike love them!


Large Craft Sticks (found at Dollar Tree)
1" x 1 1/2" wood block (I used scrap wood)
1 wood clothespin
1 wood star (if desired)
Assorted Paint I used Folk Art by Plaid Crafts
Paint Brushes
Paper Plate for Pallet
Hot Glue Gun
Saw or Heavy Duty Scissors (to cut the craft sticks)
Plastic or newspaper to protect painting surface

Directions-for one tree:

Prepare 4 craft sticks to paint, leave the first stick alone, the second stick snip off the rounded ends, cut the third stick into two pieces so that one is 1/3 third of the stick the other one is 2/3s of the stick. Cut the final stick in half. You will only use one of the halves.

Paint all pieces as desired. Start with a base coat, allow to dry and then add decorations. Older children are normally fine but might need a bit of guidance. Younger children use their finger prints to add "ornaments" to their trees for a special keepsakes (Be sure to add the year!)

Once the paint is dry, glue pieces together to the base. The uncut stick is the trunk, and arrange the rest of the pieces above the present largest to smallest to form the tree. You can either glue them straight, or for a more whimsical look tilt them. Glue the clothespin to the back of the tree and the star to the top.

The kids did a great job! 

Thanks to Plaid Crafts for generously supplying the paints and brushes! 

Saturday, December 1, 2018


The 2018 shoebox season is in the books, but that doesn't mean we don't start thinking of next year!  When we were given a chance to receive a donation from Blitsy, we jumped at the chance. 

(This isn't even a 1/10 of it!) 

A HUGE Thank you to Blitsy! For an amazing donation of Little B craft products for our raffles, giveaways and shoebox items for 2019!!! Be sure to stop by Blitsy and say "Thanks!" Better yet show your support by supporting our sponsors! 

Monday, November 12, 2018


Well over 300 people (200 of which were there at the same helped us fill

2410 shoebox gifts!!
Shoebox gifts that will become a tangible expression of God's love for children in need all over the world! We appreciate everyone that came out to help us fill, and sort, box, and "boo-boo bunny" Each and everyone of you is amazing! On behalf of the #CrazyShoeboxLady and her ever so amazing #CrazyShoeboxCrew we say "Thank-you!" 

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Join the #CrazyShoeboxCrew

Show your support! 
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Check out the fabulous shirts created by our very own Mandie aka Princess of Product Procurement and owner of "Cat in my Shoe" crafts. 

She is taking orders for the 2018 Crazy Shoebox Crew shirts for only $15 each. Proceeds will go to shoebox shipping costs. Adult shirts are available in S - 3X in Heather Red or Heather Green. Youth shirts are available in XS - XL in Red or Heather Green. Refer to photos for shirt color info. Visit our t-shirt fundraiser page. Shipping Extra!
 Thank you!