Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

What is a holiday unless you can craft for it?!?! The good folks at Plaid Crafts couldn't agree with me more. When I received a HUGE box of stencils as part of their Plaid Ambassador program, I couldn't resist taking them out to play.

This weeks project a stenciled canvas hanging.

Supplies Used: Plaid Folk Art Stencils "Farm" collection; stars and stripe, Apple Barrel Colors Paint, Masking tape, paint brush, stencil brush, crop-a-dial/eyelets, hemp twine, branch from the yard 4-5"x7" flat panel canvases.


1) Paint surface of all canvas, 3 white, and 1 blue allow to dry
2) Position canvases together to determine placement of the stencils. Tape stencils in place.
3) Using a stencil brush, fill in the stencils and allow to dry.
4) Determine where you want your holes to go, and using crop-a-dial punch holes in canvas, add eyelets if desired. Using small lengths of hemp twine, tie canvases together.
6) Prepare twig, cut off jagged edges, using a bit of white paint mixed with water "white wash" the twig, and then wipe off with paper towel, leaving behind just a hint of color.
7) Tie canvases to twig using twine
8) Braid 3 lengths of twine together tie onto twig as hanger.

From our family to yours, have a safe and happy 4th of July celebration, and thanks especially to those that have helped keep us free!!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Act Fast!

You have 10 minutes to run through Wally World to pick up something "clever" for a thank you for Operation Christmas Child team on a limited budget...what do you do?

Do you?

A) Pick up gift cards just kick in the extra money after all it's your team
B) Give up, give them a hug or a handshake and a hearty "Thank you" after all it's the thought that counts.
C) Run around the store like a crazy woman dashing between, the Christmas aisle and craft aisle

If you are pick "C" I recently had to put together quick thank-you gifts for my area team. Since hubby was waiting in the car and his patience was limited, my time in the store was too!

My first stop was to the "Christmas Aisle" where I picked up 4 packs of ball mazes. They happen to be discounted to $1 per pack...score!

Next on my whirlwind trip was running to the paper craft/wedding aisle. (I don't know about you but our store has separated art, sewing, crafts, from jewelry/wedding/paper crafting, which makes zero sense!) Here I found adorable mini paper "bags." $1.98 for 10...not bad!

Last stop was to the Christmas wrapping area, here I picked up tubes of mini bows, anything mini is cute. $1 for a tube of 8

Running through the check out, My grand total was $10 and I was out in 10 minutes!

When I got home it was simply a matter of using my printer and some tape to pull it all together. I started by creating "You are Ah-Maze-ing" mini cards. I used a business card template, and layered it over a free maze image that came with the program. After printing and cutting them out, I used the mini bags as envelopes.

To the outside of the bags I attached the mazes with some rolled up tape (While the items inexpensive, I knew most of my team had kids/grandkids that would enjoy playing with the game.) I added a bow for a cute presentation.

The end result was a handmade thank-you that cost under $1 each ($.58 each to be exact)

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

And she's off!

By the time you read this post the #CrazyShoeboxLady will be on my way to Paraguay! It’s really hard to believe! It is a dream come true, trip of a lifetime. I wanted to take this opportunity to first of all say “Thank you” thank you for your support, with finances, prayers, time to help with shoeboxes, and even emotionally! 

Our team has been sharing in devotions in the time leading up to the trip, the more I read God’s word, and pray about the trip, the more humbled and amazed I am that this trip is even possible?? Yet with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!

I then think about how I got here. The reason I can go on this trip is because of the generosity of friends, and family. The reason I was invited on this trip is because of the growth of my area team for Operation Christmas Child. The reason my area team has grown both in shoebox numbers and in team members,  is because I have an amazing area team! The reason I even HAVE an area team for OCC is because of our packing party “Shoebox 1K”  It caught the attention of Samaritan’s Purse, and they asked me to “join the team.” The only reason “Shoebox 1K” got so big is because of the time friends put in, because of the generosity of individuals, companies, groups and manufacturers. The only reason “Shoebox 1K” came into being is because I was challenged by a young man named “Caleb.” Caleb knew about shoeboxes because he was in my children’s ministry and his mom was one of my “partners in crime” for collecting supplies year round. The reason I started collecting supplies year round because a 3 year old Winter had her heart touched by our yearly family Christmas project. Our family’s Christmas project was started because someone told me, I could use a shoebox gift to bless a child in need and tell them about Jesus. 

Sunday, I was able to share with our Children's Ministry about my trip, they then helped me put the finishing touches on a shoebox I am taking with me. This shoebox represents so many who have given to not only this trip, but to Shoebox 1K! There are things from my fabulous group of "Shoebox 1K Crafters," there's a sewing kit with a sampler in it from Jack Dempsey Needle Arts,there are items chosen by dear friends, there is a special top made by Caleb (yes the one who first challenged me to do a 1000 boxes!) There is a Monster Loom from Rainbow Loom and a loom bracelet made by my daughter, there are letters and a "boo-boo" bunny from my Children's Ministry and I filled each and every nook and cranny the way my OCC team members Dorinda and Becky would :) Each item representing something/someone that means so very much to me, because they helped make this possible. 

The children from church praying over this box
Monday, I should have been packing but you know me; I had to throw in a last minute crafting project *grin* (shhh they are for my team members in Paraguay.) Which then made me want to pack an emergency craft kit cause you never know when you will have a "crafting emergency!

Shh I should be packing, but decided to fit in some last minute crafting! 

Then I had the kids over before I left (and they came with friends) and now I should be sleeping but wanted to share here first. 

So if you think about me this week, pray for me, and the team and the opportunities the Lord will be opening up for us, and pray for those very precious children receiving the boxes we will be handing out! If you want to follow my adventures check out "Shoebox 1K" on Facebook! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

When you have a box of colors

This past Sunday I took a "Prophetic Art Class" with a bunch of friends. The class was taught by Janice VanChronhite of JVC Artworks. The purpose was to release the artist in you to be able to portray what the Lord was speaking to you.

After sharing her story with us, Janice encouraged us to write/draw on a piece of paper the things that hindered us in being creative. I never "drew" growing up. That was where mom and sis came in. Both of them could draw what they saw. This being the case, I never thought I was artistic. So I never did much with anything artistically. Knowing this about me, you can understand why painting parties, art classes and the like kind of intimidate me. ( Ask my friend Ashani about the meltdown I almost had at the last one we went to.) 

Strangely I didn't feel that here. The class was a mix of children, teens, and adults. Writing on paper the things that kept me from drawing or painting was kind of freeing. Everything from lack of time, lack of talent, and harsh criticism and even clutter went down on that sheet of paper. I then covered them with Jesus. It was so freeing. 

She gave us another assignment in class and then challenged us before we left to just spend time everyday creating.  

So today I finally did. I was left along with my box of colors and just had fun creating and putting them out here is a big step for me but I'm trying to overcome that whole "being scared of what others think" thing. They are simple, and that's ok. It was fun, it was freeing, I enjoyed the process.

The first piece was kind of what I picture in my mind during worship,  it's titled "When glory falls" I got new Faber Castell "Gelatos" so I played with some of the metallics for this.
When glory falls 

For the second one I was playing with soft pastels, I love the way they blend, but they are so messy (and the chalky feel drives me crazy) but I had them so I tried them out. No real rhyme or reason to my drawing. I just loved drawing trees as a I drew them, and then some mountains, and they needed grass and flowers :)

The final one is just simply a rainbow (representing God's promises) and the word "believe" it was just a reminder to believe His promises. I was again playing with gelatos, and using a wide damp brush to blend. Super simple but a good reminder.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stamp and Scrapbook Expo 2016-Milwaukee Here We Come!

Plaid donated some amazing products!
It's that time of year again! Shoebox 1K will once again be sponsoring their "Basket Raffle Fund Raiser" at the Milwaukee, WI Stamp and Scrapbook Expo! This year we have 60 gift baskets being raffled off over $2000 in prizes!!!

Tickets are only $1 each~

Plus we have specials~ Buy 10 get 2 free and $20 gets you 24 tickets and a free gift!!!

So come visit us at the baggage check booth and pick up your tickets for your chance to WIN!

All money raised will go to help us send gift filled shoeboxes to kids in need all over the world through Operation Christmas Child

These are awesome!
Some of the 60 gift baskets being raffled off over $2000 in prizes

Shoebox 1K would like to thank our generous sponsors:


Friday, March 25, 2016

Key Cabinet

I am so blessed to be a part of a wonderful group of bloggers associated with Prime Publishing. This past January we were invited to a fabulous blogger event during the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show. At this event we mixed and mingled with some amazing manufacturers all wanting to send us product to create with! 

Once again there was a contest involved, and with my mind awhirl I set out to create. 

I always am loosing my keys, which is really kind of funny because I LOVE collecting vintage keys so I thought how cool would it be to create something fun and functional. Taking a wood tray and frame from the thrift store, I set out to upcycle them into an adorable key cabinet!

Remove glass from frame and hardware if necessary. Lightly sand all wood surfaces.

Apply base coat of paint (the color bamboo shown) and allow to dry.
Base Coat

Apply crackle medium on all wood surfaces. Use smooth strokes. The thicker the coat the deeper the cracks when finished. Allow to dry.

I opened my paint to find it smiling on me
Apply top coat of paint (Ceramcoat Chalk in Raven shown.) Use long smooth strokes for best results, allow to dry. 

Just like that the magic happens!
Brush on Ceramcoat wax to entire painted surface allow to dry and then buff with a soft cloth. 
Cut 4 pieces of metal ribbon slightly longer than inside opening of of frame. Lightly sand and then rub on Stazon ink and wipe immediately off. Ink will settle into recesses of the ribbon and grooves made by sanding to give an "aged look" Heat set in being careful because the metal gets hot. Staple metal ribbon in place on back side.
**Pausing for a moment to say this metal ribbon is AWESOME!!! It comes in several widths, has fabulous detail both embossed, and die cut. It's heavier than foil, but not as rigid as tin. I've only seen it at Hobby Lobby in the spool ribbon aisle by the wedding stuff. $4.99-5.99 a 9ft roll. 
Cut wire mesh to cover the backside of frame. Using staple gun, staple into place.

Cut burlap to fit inside wood tray, using a brush, apply Fabric Fuse to inside of tray, glue burlap to inside of tray, smoothing out fabric. Slightly fray edges of burlap if desired. 
Trying to get the keys to hang straight

Line up frame with wood tray, Making sure to center frame over wood tray. Using drill, install hinges so the frame becomes the door of the cabinet. 
I found out after the fact
do the burlap before the hinges!
(Messing up first so you don't have to!)

Install knob to front of cabinet, install latch to close, on side of cabinet.
Install cup hooks inside cabinet to hang keys, install hangers on back of cabinet to hang on wall. 

Volia' an adorable key cabinet! Hopefully it will become not only a place to store the vintage key collection, but a place to remember to put my keys (where I can see them!) 

When working with the crackle medium, a smooth thin coat will produce tiny cracks, a thicker coat will produce cracks that are wider exposing more of the undercoat. Remember to wear protective eyewear when cutting the wire mesh, the tiny pieces fly everywhere. Use a drill to predrill holes for hinges especially on softer wood (or particle board.) This will help keep the wood from splitting.
Supplies used:

Plaid Delta Ceramcoat Chalk Paint-Raven, Plaid Delta Ceramcoat Select Multi Surface Satin-Bamboo, Plaid Delta Ceramcoat Crackle Medium,
Plaid Delta Ceramcoat Wax-Clear, Wood Tray (from thrift store), Wood Frame large enough to cover edges of tray, Piece of burlap fabric to cover inside of tray, Therm-o-web Fabric Fuse, Hinges from hardware store, Wire mesh from hardware store, Staple Gun and Staples, Wire Cutters, Metal Ribbon enough to line inside of frame-Hobby Lobby, Knob-hardware store, Latch-hardware store, Paint brushes in assorted sizes, Cup hooks, Protective eyeware, Needle nose pliers, Drill and bits, Screwdriver, Heat Gun, Sandpaper, Black Stazon Ink

This project is in the "Best Blogger Craft contest" over at Fave Crafts! I would LOVE your vote!  You can vote once per day!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Just playing around!

One of the benefits to having friends that make jewelry, and working in the craft industry, you get people to teach you things, and product to work with! I recently found some old jewelry and decided to try my hand at a "remake" this pearl drop necklace was the result. I had received the original chain in a pile of "junk" jewelry, taking it apart and remaking it to off set, I added the number, key, and pearl drop! I love the way it turned out! The daughter modeling the necklace didn't really want to give it back!

This next project was thanks to Prima Beads, I received an assortment of beads from them last year and never really played with them. This was my first attempt at stringing the Swarovski crystal. I love the sparkle of he crystals.

That's what's on my craft table this week...what is on yours?