Thursday, February 26, 2015

Vintage Pie Safe Inspired Shelf Restyle

My kitchen is getting a "makeover" but unlike the TV show...I'm on a very limited budget! This being the case imaging my excitement when I was at the Craft and Hobby Association trade show this past January and was given some amazing supplies to create with at the Fave Crafts/Prime Publishing Blogger Event and they "just so happened" to be perfect for this project.

Twenty years ago, my husband made me this wood shelf for my canned goods. It has served us well, never complaining as we double stacked soup, or fit more on the shelf by turning cans on their side so they would fit. It's time though had passed and it's new home was the basement. It was stained, and a back piece was loose, the side was even splitting a bit and needed repair. The shelf was good enough for the basement cause no one looked there.

But then inspiration hit! I wondered if I could spruce it up with some paint, and add doors, maybe with some tin panel and make a pie safe? After cleaning it up, repairing some parts, and using some 1"x 2" pieces to create a frame I started to think this just might work!  I collect red and white enamelware and thought it would be fun to have a RED cabinet as a focal point in the kitchen.

I talked to my friends from Plaid Crafts and asked about their Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Ultra Matte Paint. I had worked with this at the show and loved the finish it gave, they were good enough to send me some to use. This paint has a nice creamy texture and is super easy to work with. I started with a base coat of Cottage White, and then allowed that to cure and topped with Imperial Red. I then sanded the top coat, to reveal some of the white underneath. I used the Folk Art Home Decor Clear Wax to seal the surface.

Then it was time to add "metal to the doors." Most pie safes have tin punched metal covering the front, this allowed for the pies to cool, while keeping bugs and other creatures away from the baked goods. I didn't want another heavy closed piece of furniture so decided chicken wire was the way to go! My friends over at MD Hobby and Craft had some chicken wire designed for crafting. It came in smaller more manageable pieces. After grabbing my electric staple gun and suiting up with metal working gloves, I attached a double layer of chicken wire to the door frames, I offset the second layer from the first to give me a "3-D" look with the honeycombs of the wire.

All that was left was to install the hinges and handles. These I easily picked up at a local hardware store.

I LOVED the look of the finished piece and it looks even more adorable FILLED

Fave Crafts, challenged Bloggers at their event to come up with a craft from the goodie box items we were sent. These crafts could then be submitted to their "Fave Crafts, Best Blogger Craft Contest." I am entered, and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE,  your vote! But there are lots of amazing entries! The top prize is $1000 cash!!!  
My entry is called "Restyled Red Shelf " by Betsy Burnett.

To vote in the contest and find further instructions....please visit ----->

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Adorn It Blog Hop!

Hello! Welcome to the ADORN it, blog hop!

If you have been following along the hop, you should have joined us from Susan's blog, if you are new and want to start at the beginning, please visit ADORNit's Blog to start from the beginning.

The wonderful gals from ADORNit sent me a huge box of goodies to play with to feature their new Art Play Paintables line. The Paintable line features wonderful drawings for you to fill in with paint, marker, or even leave as is. The designs are printed on a nice heavy art paper (#80 cardstock weight), to help prevent curling when (if) it gets wet with your chosen medium.

I loved this line. I have always wanted to be able to draw but never inherited the skill of my mom or my sister, this allowed me to be an artist by simply coloring (painting) in the lines ;) Two of the images from the Home Paintable line just spoke to me, I had the perfect people to give them to! I decided to simply paint and frame them. 

After using watercolor pencils and crayons to fill in the images,  I softened the lines with water. I accented the drawings here and there with stickles, glitter glue and smooch inks just to give the piece a bit of shimmer and sparkle. Loosely cutting them out,  I mounted the images on paper from the ADORNit!  Blender Basics collection pack. After framing the pieces I still thought there was something missing,  so to make the images "pop-out" of the frames,  I accented them with some jute twine and matching buttons I had on hand from my stash. I loved how quick these gifts came together!

Next, I created a couple of cards using images from the "Be Awesome" collection.

Again I used watercolor pencils and crayons to fill in the images and softened them with water. To get some of the brighter accents on the piece, I dipped my watercolor pencil directly into the water then dabbed the drips off on paper towel. The wet pencil allowed for a precise line burst of color as seen on the "Be Happy" and the frame around the 2nd card. I mounted the images again using paper from the Blender Basics collection pack, this time punching out a lacy border with a Little B "honeycomb" border punch that was inked with Ranger distress ink in "Vintage Photo".

My final project is a wall hanging.  I used an image from the "Life's Journey" Paintable.

Here the image served as the focal piece for a 12' x 12' canvas. The canvas itself was edged in blue, green and gold Faber Castell gelatos then I off set the background paper ("Chapter Two" from ADORNit's Storybook Collection.) Before mounting, my background paper was zigzag stitched along the edges and stenciled with the gold lines with some watered down gelatos using the Crafter's Workshop "Swirls and Flowers" template. My house paintable was colored with watercolor pencils, and accented with candy red stickles, then framed with an inked paper doily.  The larger hearts were created freehand with some scrap cardstock that were inked and heat embossed. The title consists of random chipboard letters from my stash that were also inked and then accented with white pen stitching. A simple double length of grosgrain ribbon was used as a decorative hanger.

I can't wait to play more with the Paintables line. It was relaxing to put on an old movie,  pull out the watercolor pencils and crayons and color and paint and have something fun to create with when finished. To see the full Paintables line visit the ADORNit!  store. Thanks ADORNit! for allowing me the chance to play with the collection.

Before heading to the next stop on the blog hop...

How would you like to win a complete set of the ADORN it Art Play Paintables collection and an original piece from the artist behind Paintables,  Linsey Ostrom? Well to do so you'll need to collect the all of the clues along the hop and my clue is:
Collect all of the clues along the way and then email your answer to, to be entered to win the prize.

The next stop along the blog hop is my friend, the uber talented Michelle Cummings at Faire Dust Dreams. (

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                     and'll drive towards what you focus on, so AIM HAPPY!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Be My Valentine!

Volunteering at the local youth center I get to work with some amazing teens! When I get to bring my love of crafting to the youth's like the best of both worlds!

Yesterday, I brought colored cardstock, some Fiskars Squeeze punches, doilies, Hampton Art Washi Tape and markers and let the teens go to town creating Valentines cards for our local nursing home and the local homeless shelter. Twenty-four teens and nine adults had a blast creating cards and talking about their "Valentine's Days" when they were kids.

They did an amazing job! I'm sure the residents will love them!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Necessity is the mother of invention

So I went to use my trusty Marvy Echida heat embossing gun this morning. I innocently plugged it in and then it went "poof," sparked, caught on fire and melted the cord. Now I'm not an electrician, but I'm smart enough to know I probably shouldn't use that embossing gun again...
R.I.P. 1999-2015
 Yet I had hearts covered in embossing powder waiting to be heat set...then I remembered!!! Back in the days "BG" (before heat gun) now we are talking ohhh 16-17-18 years ago or so, we played with embossing powder  and melted it using the heat from the toaster. So off I trekked my powered covered hearts to the kitchen to see if I could get it to work.

I had to be careful not to burn my hand. I used a piece of scrap cardstock, but though one toaster cycle (on level two, or lightly browned toast) I was able to heat set all 9 of the hearts I made. I made sure to keep the cardstock about 2 -3 inches away from the toaster (It looks closer in the photo) I also made sure to check the back side occasionally for scorching.

But as you can see, it worked!!
 Now the only question remains...anyone have recommendations on a new heat gun??

*Author only used this method as she was in a bind. She does not endorse said method, and advises anyone reading this to try so at their own risk!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

If you give a knitter some yarn!

My pal Erica has been home with sick kiddos for almost two weeks now. Talking to her one morning on facebook, I asked her if there was anything she needed.  I was going to be driving by her place on the way out in the morning and know what it's like to be trapped with sick kiddos.  She jokingly replied to me "yarn" and the crafter in me responded to her heart's cry.  I just happened to have the perfect "care package" to give to a friend in need of a yarn fix.

I recently attended the "Fave Crafts Blogger Event" at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade show. One of the perks for attending the event was a fabulous box of goodies to play with when we got home. My box contained a bag from yarnspirations.  Inside the bag was some of the new Bernat "mega bulky" yarn in the color of "new gold." 

 So grabbing the bag and the yarn, I made a mad dash for my friend's house, stopping only to get a quick "I LOVE YOU" from the weary mom, I quickly ran out the door not to be infected by the creeping crud. (Actually it was more like..."Oooo infinity scarf.." but I know "I Love you" was in her heart....ok who am I kidding..she saw YARN!)

You know how it goes"If you give a knitter some yarn...." it wasn't long before I had these pictures gracing my inbox.
Erica found something productive to do during the illness induced nap time of her children. I love the infinity scarf she made and can't wait to see her wearing it... but maybe after flu season ;) 

Thanks Bernat for sponsoring the Fave Crafts event and sponsoring a few creative minutes for a friend with sick kids!!!

To see more fabulous projects from Bernat visit their BLOG.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Most Magical Place on Earth--CHA Show Recap

When you go to a magic show are you the type of person that wants to know "how did they do that?" I sure am. While I understand, a good magic show takes skill, technique and a whole lot of practice, I also realize you need to know "how the trick was done."

I recently returned from what I consider to be the "most magical place on earth." While I did go to Anaheim, California, my purpose there wasn't to visit a mouse, my purpose was to attend the Craft and Hobby Association trade show commonly referred to as CHA for short.

Art for me is magical. It transforms the creators thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, ideas-- into a tangible and visible form, able to be shared with others. Before you get into a big debate with me over the word "magic" consider the definition:

1. the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.
2. wonderful; exciting

Art for me is wonderful and exciting, I love how someone's work can take me on a mysterious journey into their inner thoughts, it can convey emotion, art shares a memory. Art can also be a form of self expression or a way to make "cool stuff" and bring beauty to the world around us. Yet sometimes that whole creative process can be a bit mysterious, therefore, art to me is magical. 

While I appreciate art and love creating, and I do not consider myself an artist, yet somehow, the creative industry has embraced me as one of their own, because of this, I am able to attend the Craft and Hobby Association trade show. The purpose of CHA is to bring together; creative professionals, businesses and manufacturers to further the creative industry. At the CHA show we learn about the latest products, learn new techniques, and connect with others in the industry. I like to think of it as my chance to learn the"how did they do that?!?!" to the magic of creating.

Sometimes the "how did they do that" comes from a fabulous new product designed to make something easier or create a cool effect. Other times the "how did they do that" comes from learning from other creative professionals that share their techniques, and skill with us. All the time it's a chance to connect with old friends and make news ones and celebrate the "magic" that is the creative industry.

So come with me to catch a glimpse of the 2015 Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show and see why I call it "The most magical place on earth!"


For those wanting to view via You Tube you can find it HERE

Monday, January 5, 2015

Quick Gift Set!

"Mom I need a birthday gift would you make a scarf and maybe a headband?..."

This question was posed to me in the middle of the store. So off we ran to the yarn aisle hoping to find colors suitable for her friend. Thankfully we found a lovely assortment of Lion Brand Yarns in yummy colors such as Oatmeal, and Little Rock Granite. Grabbing a skein of each we set off for home.

At home,  I was told her friend loved a bit of sparkle, thankfully I had some fun "Lion Brand Bonbons" the "party" collection, I had offered a whole rainbow of yummy sparkly colors including a gold that added the perfect touch of sparkle my daughter was looking for. After deciding she wanted a chunky infinity scarf, I went to work arm knitting a scarf, thankfully because of the size of the stitches, the scarfs are pretty quick to knit. I was able to finish it in about 1/2 an hour.

For the headband, I chose two of the three colors used in the scarf, I followed my "fast finger knit headband" pattern altering the ending a bit to keep it three rows throughout the entire headband. The finishing touch was a flower created using the flower loom by the Crochet Dude. We choose the Little Rock Granite and the Gold Bonbons to create the flower.

Naturally my daughter needed to model the finished product. I think the set turned out quite cute!

It's now safely wrapped up ready for her to take back to school and gift to her friend. 

*edited to add, her friend Rosalle loved it! She even sent me a photo of her wearing it as a thank you!