Friday, May 18, 2018

What are you "Podging?"

Happy Mod Podge Day!!! 

What are you "Podging" lately?

So many wonderful things happen in May, the "April showers" bring "May flowers." Mother's Day is Celebrated and last but certainly not least May 18th, is "National Mod Podge Day!" Yes, Mod Podge is celebrating it's 51st birthday and I decided to wrap all of our May celebrations in one fun project and a contest!

So how would one tie all of these wonderful celebrations together with one project? By redoing an adorable sewing desk!

 I was given this adorable sewing desk that belonged to my Grandma Helen. I love it's petite size and the drawers hold tons, but it isn't compatible with my sewing machine. So for Mother's Day I asked for help to adapt the desk for my use and time to be able to refinish it.

After filling some holes with wood putty, I sanded down the rough edges. I then taped off edges and started painting the main part of the desk a lovely creamy color of Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint called "sheepskin." For the top of the desk I created my own shade of "Aqua blue" with two additional colors of chalk paint. 

 For the top of the desk and the drawers,  I created my own shade of "Aqua blue" with two additional colors of chalk paint. 

My next step was to use Mod Podge Furniture, to adhere this gorgeous floral scrapbook paper to the front of the drawers. The used the darker aqua in the flowers as my paint inspiration! I love the way the paper reminds me of vintage wall paper.

Now comes the fun part of waiting for Mod Podge to dry! So while things are drying lets have a contest! Answer the question in the comments below, "What are you Mod Podging lately?" or if you have never used Mod Podge before, what would you like to? 

My friends over at Plaid Crafts will award one lucky recipient a wonderful "Mod Podge Prize pack" including: 

-8 oz Mod Podge Mega Glitter
-8 OZ. Mod Podge GLOSS 
-8 OZ. Mod Podge Matte 
-8 Oz. Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Gloss 
-Mod Podge Image Transfer Medium with Brush
-Mod Podge Silicone Craft Mat
-M/P 4pc Spouncer Set -M/P 4pc Foam Brush Set

The contest is open to U.S. Residents only and will close next Thursday, May 24, 2018(11:59pm CST.) Please don't forget to input your email address when you leave your comment, so I may contact you if you are the lucky winner.

Thank you to Plaid Crafts for sponsoring the paint and Mod Podge used in this project and the contest!

Now if  you are like me and can't wait to win your Mod Podge, Plaid Crafts is having a special sale in honor of Mod Podge Day. From now thru Sunday May 20, 2018 you can get 40% off and free shipping when you spend $60 on all Mod Podge Branded products when you use promo code MPDAY18! See the website for details!

Be sure to check back next week to see the finished project and if you are the lucky winner! Happy "Podging" 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Best Blogger Contest

As a designer member of the Association for the Creative Industry (AFCI), I am privileged to work with some of the most talented artists, designers, and bloggers in the industry.

This past January, during the AFCI annual trade show "Creativation"  Prime Publishing/Fave Crafts invited the creative influencers to their annual Blogger event. The evening is sponsored by some of the best creative manufacturers in the industry.

The event is designed to allow the two groups to mingle and get to know each other. Allow the manufacturers to learn about the designers, artists, and bloggers, areas of expertise, and let the creative influencers learn what the manufacturers are looking for to see if a partnership can be formed between the two.

One of the absolute funnest parts of the event is that all those "creative influencer  types" get to participate in Prime Publishing/Fave Crafts "Best Blogger" Contest using products from the sponsors.
There were over 40 entries, and 20 were chosen as finalists and mine was one of them.

My "Modern End Table from Wedding Keepsakes" is up against 19 other amazing projects. The prizes are all cash awards and determined by public vote.

 You can check out the amazing projects including my end table here at -----> Best Blogger Contest and then vote for your favorite!

Thanks to Prime Publishing/Fave Crafts for being amazing hosts, and to the wonderful sponsors: Deflecto, Leisure Arts, Love Knitting, Marvy Uchida, Premier Yarn, Plaid, Polyform, Red Heart, Sakura, Share A Sale, Testors/Rust-Oleum, Xyron, Yarnspirations

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Modern End Table from Wedding Treasures putting it all together (part 3 of 3)

*This is part 3 of 3 be sure to visit part 1 and part 2

My friend Amy came to me asking for help with her wedding because I am the "creative one." Wanting something different for a guest book and needing something to use as a cake platter. I devised a 3 in 1 project to fit the bill. The first part, a wood round, with their initial burned into it became the guest book. Then I etched a piece of custom cut glass to become a personalized cake platter for their big day.  Today we are going to put it all together to create a modern end table from their wedding keepsakes.

To start I wanted to preserve the signatures on the wood disk. Because they are only on with sharpie and no matter how "permanent" the marker says it is, if exposed to certain chemicals or even harsh sunlight the color can smear or fade. To seal I  first did a light coat of Crystal Clear Enamel Spray from Rust-Oleum and allowed to dry. I used a spray sealer because any amount of rubbing on the marker with a sealer will cause it to smear. This being said, be VERY careful during this step not to touch the area where the marker is. Once the light coat is dry, spray with a 2nd coat and allow to dry as well.

Now it was time to attach the wood to the table base. For the base Amy and Otto wanted something similar to the style of the wedding venue, kind of industrial and a bit rustic. I found this wonderful "counter height" bench on Amazon. It had good reviews, and best yet the seat on the bench was round, so with a bit of luck it should be easy to swap out the seat for the table top.

I removed the hardware from the bench seat and centered it on the back of the wood disk. Then using a drill, screwed the hardware to the wood. From there I simply followed the directions to assemble the bench.

I then placed the glass onto the table top. Remember the "clear bumpers" applied to the back of the glass. I found that by using the raised ones, you could see the etching better. 

From cake platter and guest book to end table!

Congrats Amy and Otto!
May the two of you be blessed on your journey together! 

Supplies used: industrial counter height bench, drill/drill bits.  

Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 to see how the guest book and cake platter were made

Special thanks to the following companies: Plaid Crafts and etchall® 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Modern End Table from Wedding Keepsakes- the glass cake platter (part 2 of 3)

***This is part 2 of a 3 part series. Be sure to visit Part 1 and Part 3

My friend Amy came to me asking for help with her wedding because I am the "creative one." Wanting something different for a guest book and needing something to use as a cake platter. I devised a 3 in 1 project to fit the bill. The first part, a wood round, with their initial burned into it became the guest book. Today I will show you how I etched a piece of cut glass to become a customized cake platter for their big day.  These pieces will then be joined together to create a cute end table for their home.

I started off with a piece of glass cut to match the wood round that would become their guest book. To have the glass cut, I visited Jerry's Glass and Lock, our local glass store. Telling them about my project they recommended the proper thickness of glass. (For those curious it was only about $30 to have a piece custom cut)

I then used a die-cutting machine to cut out Amy and Otto's names and their wedding date out of contact paper. The contact paper became a stencil that I will use to etch the surface of the glass.

I made sure to clean the glass with glass cleaner and a soft cloth before I started.

Then I positioned the contact paper stencils on the glass. To help with positioning, I was able to lay the glass over the wood table round. As I wanted their names and wedding date to circle around the initial.

Make sure all the edges of the stencil are secured down, use a squeegee to help if needed. Because you are working on a flat glass surface it's easy to flip the glass over and see any air bubbles around the openings of your stencil. A quick pass of the squeegee will help eliminate them.

Cover the remaining surface with contact paper and/or masking tape as precaution. Any glass area that comes in contact with the etching cream will become cloudy. So unless you like living on the wild side, covering the remaining glass surface will help you to create a clean etch.

Apply etchall® etching cream to the area you desire to etch.  Make sure you have a nice thick coating. Wait 15 minutes, then using the squeegee, scrape off the etching cream and put back into the jar. The cool thing about this brand of etching cream is that it's reusable!

Wash off your piece with soap and warm water until clean. Dry off and then remove the stencil and protective contact paper/masking tape.

I washed off the glass again and then applied clear "bumpers" to the bottom of the glass to prevent slipping on the table and the wood round when it becomes the topper for the end table. The raised bumpers also helped the etching to show up better when on top of the wood disk.

The glass was then used at the wedding as the cake platter.

Be sure to view Part 1 and the finished project in Part 3 "putting it all together"

Supplies used: cut glass circle, etchall® etching cream, etchall® squeegee, contact paper, masking tape, electronic die cutting machine, clear plastic bumpers. 

Thanks to etchall® for providing the etching cream and squeegee. 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Modern End Table from Wedding Keepsakes-the wood guest book (Part 1 of 3)

* This is part 1 of a 3 part series, be sure to visit Part 2 and Part 3
When my a dear friend from high school comes to you for help with her wedding because you are the “creative type” you naturally offer to help anyway you can. 

Amy’s dilemma, a “creative” guest book. The problem with traditional guest books you stick them in a drawer or box after the wedding soon to be forgotten about. Amy wanted a keepsake that would remind her of the family and friends that celebrated her special day.

As I talked to Amy more about what they were looking for with not just wedding decor but  home decor as well.  I found that her and Otto liked simple… rustic..industrial…with a touch of elegance. She also mentioned in passing that they were looking for something to use as a cake platter as well.

This got me to thinking “what if we could make separate pieces, that somehow fit together to become a keepsake when the wedding was over?” 

The idea for a "guest book end table" came into being.

I started with a wood round found at the hardware store. 

Almost 18” in diameter it would allow plenty of space for guests to sign their names. I brought this wood round to our local lock and glass store. (Thanks Jerry's Glass and Lock for the fast service) I told them I needed the glass to be for a table topper and cake platter and they suggested the thickness and then had a piece cut to match ready for me the next day! Setting aside the glass to etch later I began work on the wood. 

After a light sanding, I stained the wood a lovely "Summer Oak" color by Rust-Oleum.

I wanted to add their initial to the round, tracing a large letter “S” lightly with pencil. 

 I then followed my lines and filled them in with the Folk Art Wood Burner. I used the round tip and a "medium-medium high" setting for heat. 

This piece will then become the "guest book" for family and friends to sign at the wedding. 

To see "what comes next" be sure to visit, part 2 and part 3. There I will show you how I created the etched cake platter, and then put everything together. 

Supplies used: Wood Round, Rust-Oleum Wood Stain in "Summer Oak",  Folk Art Wood Burning Set-Plaid Crafts, Wood letter to trace. 

Thank you to Plaid Crafts for providing the wood burning set. 


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Gallery Glass Painting

Back in the 90's my mom found this stuff called "Gallery Glass" paint by Plaid Crafts. She was at our local Sam's club and they had these kits that you could create "window clings" or actually paint on glass and make it look like stained glass. My mom and I loved playing with them. We made tons of clings and then ran out of paint, bought some more ...(lather, rinse, repeat....again...and again) but the hobby eventually ran it's course in our lives as I got busy with raising kids.

Fast forward to 2018 and Plaid posts a video of Gallery Glass painting and my mind is BLOWN! I immediately ordered some then found a friend to paint with!

You start by choosing your picture. Plaid Crafts has some pattern collections. But I choose just to find some coloring pages. Either used a coloring book you own for find something online. Google "coloring pages to print" for some options, or for a more traditional stained glass look "stained glass coloring pages to print.

Then choose your surface to paint on. If you wish to create a window cling, you need a stencil form, glass, or a silicone mat. With these surfaces you will be able to remove the cling when finished. Or in the case of glass, when you get tired of the design and want to change it.  If you want a more permeant option you can paint onto plexiglass.

We for our patterns, we used some printed from the internet and some from a coloring book by my friend Joanne Fink. Then place your patterns under the surface you are painting on. If you are afraid they will shift, add a bit of tape to hold it into place.

You will use the "liquid leading" to outline your image. Start by "touching" the leading to the surface you are painting on while gently squeezing. Then raise the bottle up around an inch or so. To get a nice round leading line, do not place the tip of the paint bottle directly on the surface you are painting allow gravity to do it's thing, and gently guide the bottle around. Around "corners" or when lines connect you will want to gently 'touch" down to secure the line in place then raise the bottle again to keep the round shape.

 Then comes the hard part...waiting for paint to dry and well waiting for paint to dry is like waiting for paint to dry. It takes around 8 hours for the paint to dry completely. If you are impatient, you can use the redi-lead strips (pre-made adhesive strips of gallery glass lead, these can be used in place of the liquid and only need to be connected with a dab of the liquid to connect the pieces.) I did find it difficult to use the "redi-lead" on more intricate pieces especially ones that involved a lot of cutting, but loved using it for a uniform line around solid pieces.

When dry you can start filling in your Gallery Glass Piece with color. The colored Gallery Glass paint goes on opaque, but will dry clear. To fill in sections. Place the tip of the colored paint on the inside rim of the area you are filling in and trace along the entire shape gently squeezing the paint tube. This ensures you fill in the entire rim without any blank spots. Then begin covering the entire area. You can even mix colors to create a custom color or swirled glass look.

As you paint you will might notice air bubbles. You can use a toothpick, or skewer to gently pop the bubbles and then rake the pick over the area to remove the "bubble line." After the paint has dried a bit, you can also use the pick or skewer (or even your finger) to add texture to the paint to mimic textured glass. 

Then you wait for paint to dry again. The amount of time for it to dry depends on how thick you applied the paint.  Typically another 8 hours, but I have noticed it dries faster, in a dry, warmer, well ventilated room (and the flip side it naturally takes longer when it's humid out.) 

I love the finished piece. This piece was on a glass frame I found at the dollar store.  I put it back into the frame when done without the backing to allow the light to shine through. 

A HUGE Thank you to Plaid Crafts for providing me with the Gallery Glass paints! 

You can find all the Gallery Glass paint supplies at To find Joanne Fink's book, you can visit her site


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Paint Along with Plaid-Lucky Llama

Plaid Crafts recently started a series of "Paint-a-Long" with Plaid live streams. Painting has never been my strong suit, but I have a goal this year to really try and spend some time creating on a regular  basis. So when Plaid Crafts offered to send supplies for me and a friend to participate in the "Lucky Llama" paint-a-long, I knew I had to try. Since my friend Mandie and I were both busy during the live stream, we met today to watch the recording. It's safe to say we had a blast.

Naturally we had help

We even found a pink llama to join in the fun! 

She says "TRUST ME!" it will look like a llama when you are done!" 

Beginning to see a llama

Yup I actually painted

Almost done, adding the Mod Podge to give it some sparkle

All done!

Mandie and I with our paintings! 

Thanks Plaid Crafts for a fun afternoon with a friend! 

Supplies used: 12 x 12 wood canvas, palette, water basin, paper towels, Folk Art Paints-Acrylics Colors; Titanium White, Pure Black, Prairie Sunset, Folk Art Extreme Glitter Chunky Gold, Folk Arts Metallics- Aqua Marine, Amethyst, Rose. Folk Art Detail Painters (LOVE THESE), Folk Arts Brush Sets- Letter and Detail Set and Angle Set, Mod Podge Mega Glitter Hologram

To purchase supplies visit Plaid Crafts 

To view the live stream recording visit  Plaid Crafts on Facebook