Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A "new" gift from the past

I love handmade gifts, I love vintage-y things and love gifts with meaning so this gift my mom got from her sister really impressed me. The gift was a quilt. Not just your standard quilt (which would have been cool) but a quilt representing 3 generations of women from my mom's side of the family. (Four if you count my contribution of tools.) As if that didn't impress me enough my aunt even pulled out some favorite Fiskars tools to help create this heirloom quilt.

Using fusible web, scissors, and the Fiskars ultra shape express she turned old handkerchiefs (from my grandma and great grandma) into lovely appliques, the lace accent pieces are handmade lace from my great aunt and great grandma. It truly beautiful and means so much more because of what it was made of!

(Can you find what she used the USX on??)


  1. Wow, what a lovely quilt. Love how the USX and shape templates was used.

  2. I think she used it for the stars and hearts on the quilt.


  3. Now that is just amaizingly georgious! she used the heart and star templates with the USX.

  4. yup and the edges of some of the designs are also usx!


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