Wednesday, February 3, 2010


There are certain things that all Fiskateers know....
Orange and green are very becoming colors!
It's all about the scissors. (and the punches and the trimmers....)
And now the world knows..

Friends don't let friends craft alone!

Brains on Fire asked the Lead Fiskateers to gather a few fiskateers to help come up with some fiskatruths. These would be put on buttons to be handed out at CHA this past January. One of the ones I submitted was selected! (and it even has my Fiskateer number on it) How cool is that???!!!

Some of the others...Where's the crop? (#936) , Orange you glad you're crafty? (#411), Ask me which Fiskars tool I named. (#009) , We crop till we drop (#002), We don't cut corners, we punch them and Measure twice cut everthing (#6676) and my favorite had me at scissors (#4635)

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