Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Van Gogh with a needle!--another gift from the heart!

I work part-time at the YMCA. Since I work in the membership department I get the privilege of meeting all sorts of amazing people. One of those people is Jesse. Jesse and his wife come in to swim and while she is making herself beautiful, Jesse and I talk crafting. He is amazing. Woodworking, gardening, and name it he has probably done it! One of the things he is most known for is his needle work. (Because of this I got him a pair of Gingher embroidery scissors last time I was at the Fiskars warehouse.) Jesse jokingly refers to himself as "VanGogh with a needle." His paints are the thread, his brush is a needle, his canvas is the fabric.
Jesse follows patterns and also creates his own designs. Like this

Jesse surprised me one day at work with this. He found out my initials and my husbands then created these hand embroidered pillow cases for our bed. (Apparently at his church they are the #1 requested wedding gift!) His gift overwhelmed me, I was speechless, they are so beautiful! Thanks Jesse for sharing your talent with us! We love them, they are almost too pretty to sleep on!


  1. What a neat and thoughtful gift. Thanks for sharing it with us. He sure is talented.

  2. Betsy they are so special I do not think I could lay my head on them either. Priceless!

  3. What a thoughtful gift & a wonderful surprise.

  4. What a beautiful and generous gift Laura!!!

    It is even more so to find a gentleman crafter and it sounds like Jesse is a true gentleman :o)


  5. How sweet! I didn't know you worked at the Y. One more thing we have in common.


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