Monday, July 5, 2010

Gratitude Check!

You are always told to "check your attitude" but do you remember to check your "Gratitude?" Today I was reminded of all of my blessings. I've been a little down lately and confused and looking for direction as to what is next in life. I mean there are things that MUST go on, school for the kids, being the wife, mom, chauffeur, cook, maid. I mean with other things.

Recently a couple of open door opportunities became closed and I found myself wondering not only what was going on, but why in the world did I do this in the first place! I'm a giver by nature, I love blessing others and finding creative ways to do it. Occasionally though it seems I get "given out" and just don't have any more to give. Add to the additional stress of mom's illness, hubby changing jobs my emotions have been running amuck leaving me a total and complete mess. It's then I realize it's time to refocus take some time and figure out what going on.

Yesterday at church the verse that stuck with me the most wasn't part of the message it was read during offering. "...whoever sows generously will also reap generously." (2 Corinthians 9:6) Yeah they were talking about the offering but it hit me about life as well. God wouldn't fault me for sowing generously. In fact He encouraged it.

Fast forward to today I'm in the middle of FINALLY finishing the craft area overhaul. One of the tasks that was overdue was finding a spot for the mementos. They had been taped to my book case but it was getting to be an eyesore (and besides that they were falling off.) I needed to do something with them and decided for the time being to put them in a basket.

Instead of just putting the cards and programs and letters and such into the basket, I decided to sit and re-read the messages inside. I'm so glad I did. There were cards from friends, and cards from family, cards from fellow crafters and cards from fiskateers, and cards from manufacturers, cards from charities and companies and cards from my "kids" (Children's church/kid's club and youth group kids) . Cards thanking me for hosting swaps or helping with a project or charity, cards of encouragement, cards of friendship and cards of love. So many of them. All of the people that wrote them I have had contact with in some way. I realized I had been sowing generously and reaping abundantly!

By the time I was finished reading them, I was overwhelmed by all of the people that had touched my life and prayed that hopefully I had touched theirs in some small way as well. My basket was now overflowing and so was my heart! I am truly blessed and overwhelmed with gratitude for each and every person that has come into my life

I thank you Lord for the Gratitude Check this afternoon! It really helps put things into perspective!

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  1. I certainly can understand what you are feeling Betsy....not sure why....guess we need to chat soon. You have always seemed like the most upbeat person I have ever met & I have been constantly amazed at the things you can accomplish & the magic you create scrapbooking! I might have to thing more about what you wrote since I too am feeling overwhelmed......I will call one nite soon. HUGS!


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