Friday, November 11, 2011


Friends of ours are getting married and the bride to be asked for my help with the invitations. So I gathered up some extra supplies and a few of the gals from church and we had an invitation party! We had people cutting tulle, trimming photos, punching corners, we had flowers being cut out, things being glued down and in place. Even her son got in the action.

Michelle the lovely bride to be!
(Modeling the scissors that matched her invitations :)

Even her son wanted to help!
(He figured out the Fiskars LED trimmer in no time!)

Many hands make light work!

There are a few keys to a project like this. 1) Organization--make sure you have your project planned out and have things broken down into manageable steps. 2) Supplies--make sure you have enough for everyone. If you have two different steps that use scissors, you don't want people to have to wait around because you don't have enough pairs. 3) Have fun!--making multiple items like this can be tedious, make sure to try and keep things upbeat and fun. Have music playing or just keep the conversation going you can even provide snacks/drinks (be sure to remind people to wash their hands before returning to work.)

Any chore can be turned into a fun task when you share with friends. With a bit of organization and a few extra supplies you can turn what could be a tedious job into a party!

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  1. Just stopping by to say hi. You would be proud of me - I actually got inky over the weekend.


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