Friday, February 24, 2012

My hero

It was a cold and snowy morning when my daughter, my nephew and myself had to get to the school by 7am to set up for a "Drive 2 Survive" teen safe driving expo. For living through our Illinois winters, this year had been surprisingly mild for the most part, but that morning after several days of warm weather we got hit with a snow storm. 10 minutes south of us got a dusting, 10 minutes north of us pretty much the same. Not us, we got frozen rain then snow.

So I'm driving along telling the two student drivers in my van about the need to slow down on roads like this when it was snowy and icy. The speed limit was 55. I was going maybe 30 when all of a sudden I had no control over the vehicle. We fishtailed for awhile then finally found ourselves hitting the ditch and then sliding forward sideways several feet hitting quite hard. Thank the Lord everyone was ok. We had landed with one tire up in the air spanning the ditch.

The first call I made was to our friend Andy, "Hey Andy ya know that big shiny new tow truck you got??? Ya wanna come play in the snow?" The 2nd call was to my husband (to let him know what happened) 3rd call was to my sister in law to have someone come get the kids and their projects and get them to school. After that I sat and waited for Andy to come rescue me.

And rescue me he did. Granted the tow truck got pulled a truck length and a half backwards before it caught and started pulling the van out of the ditch, and things got wobbly to the point I was asking the Lord to send angels to help hold things up and push the van out! Eventually my van was on the road again, but it had to be towed back to the shop there was some minor damage to the front and underside and he wanted to make sure nothing was leaking. I'm so thankful to have friends with tow trucks that let me call them at 5 to 7 in the morning to come rescue me!

When I finally got to the school, the Allstate agent gave me a tiny match box car tow truck to commemorate the events of my morning. I knew I needed to alter it a bit to give to Andy. A quick paint job (with red nail polish) and a few strokes of my label maker Altered the matchbox car to match Andy's truck and then I had to mount it and make a trophy fit for a hero!

Supplies used: "allstate" matchbox car, brother label maker, red nail polish, wood block, yellow and black cardstock (paper adventures) , toy trophy, Glue dots, Xyron X-machine and 510.

P.S. I was informed by Andy's wife that not only did this make his trophy shelf BUT it brought it with him on Sunday to show his son :)

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