Monday, October 27, 2014

CD Tops!

When people find out you are "crafty" there is no end to the things they ask if you want. Earlier this summer I was given two boxes of old CD's Not quite sure what I would do with them I held on to them until I figured out a project or two. When I came across a how to for creating tops out of CD's I knew I had found a winning project.

The directions called for "shooter sized" marbles,  or ping pong balls, but the thrifty queen in my balked at the price. I had literally hundreds of these tops that I could make and didn't really want to pay $5 for 2 dozen marbles of the correct size. I decided to look elsewhere. Looking at Oriental Trading Company, I found small rubber balls that were 3/4' in diameter, and in addition to being the perfect size for this project, happened to be $5 for 144, much more friendly on my budget! Besides the Cd's and marbles, I would need wrapping paper, mod podge, soda caps and a hot glue gun to complete this project.

Then it was time to call in the troops.

About 10 of us, traced the Cd's onto the wrapping paper, then cut out the circles. These circles were mod podged to the CD's and when dry, we glued the rubber ball inside the hole of the Cd and then glued a soda cap on top as a handle. The result were some adorable Cd tops that spun surprisingly well. In our morning of crafting we finished around 200 of these guys to put in shoebox gifts for Operation Christmas Child.

I will say that we had difficulty with the glue sticking when we used a lo-temp gluegun. We found we needed the high temperature glue or the handles would peel off. To find the original directions I based this project from visit: Mama's Little Muse 

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