Monday, November 30, 2015

The things you do for shoeboxes!

Serving as an Area Coordinator for Operation Christmas Child, I have the privilege of sharing about the ministry and message of OCC with many groups. I love talking to homeschool groups because well, I am a homeschooler and they have a tendency to think a bit out of the norm when it comes to motivation.

The Cornerstone Christian Homeschool Cooperative invited me to share about shoeboxes. Their group had a goal of packing 100 shoebox gifts. Knowing that I am also the #CrazyShoeboxLady I do some pretty crazy things to encourage people to pack shoeboxes. This year was a first for me!
I agreed if the group packed 200 shoeboxes I would let a student put a pie in my face! They not only met that goal they blew it out of the water with 260 shoebox gifts packed!! So being true to my word I received a wonderful whipping cream "facial" as a result!

To see the full video Click here!  The things you do for shoeboxes!

The things you do for shoeboxes!

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