Monday, December 7, 2015

Treasures to (and from ) afar!

I am privileged to have friends with big hearts! Their hearts not only have a deep love for the Lord, but a love for others. Because of this, many of my friends find themselves traveling to other parts to share this love with others.

Our church recently planned a trip to Guatemala the plan for the trip was to start building a house and a stove for a family in need as well as host a medical clinic.  The trip came during the busiest season for me for shoeboxes meaning I would be unable to go, that didn't stop me from helping my friends get there. 

The big fund raiser for the team was a pig roast. There was good food, and games and other ways to fund raise. I worked my specialty in "Basket Raffles." 

Having been on short term trips before and having many friends that serve long term as missionaries. I know the importance of feeling connected and supported by people back home.

I had been given work gloves to donated to the team and wanted to do something special with them. People that came out to the fundraiser to support the team were given the opportunity to "share in the work" and sign the gloves for the team. 

The team loved the gesture, and used the gloves during construction and then left them with the local church they were working with in Guatemala.

Imagine my surprise though when one of the team members (and a dear friend of mine)  brought me back a couple of handmade treasures from the trip. She knew both my love of things handmade and my heart for journaling and brought back the perfect gifts.

I loved the beaded hummingbird, the attention to detail was amazing, from the beak to the star shaped eye!  To give you and idea of size, it was made entirely out of seed beads! Could you imagine the time it took to make this?

The brightly colored journal was wonderful. It's actually more of a "cover" for a smaller journal. Meaning once I use it up, I can take out the notebook inside and replace it.

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