Tuesday, May 31, 2016

And she's off!

By the time you read this post the #CrazyShoeboxLady will be on my way to Paraguay! It’s really hard to believe! It is a dream come true, trip of a lifetime. I wanted to take this opportunity to first of all say “Thank you” thank you for your support, with finances, prayers, time to help with shoeboxes, and even emotionally! 

Our team has been sharing in devotions in the time leading up to the trip, the more I read God’s word, and pray about the trip, the more humbled and amazed I am that this trip is even possible?? Yet with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!

I then think about how I got here. The reason I can go on this trip is because of the generosity of friends, and family. The reason I was invited on this trip is because of the growth of my area team for Operation Christmas Child. The reason my area team has grown both in shoebox numbers and in team members,  is because I have an amazing area team! The reason I even HAVE an area team for OCC is because of our packing party “Shoebox 1K”  It caught the attention of Samaritan’s Purse, and they asked me to “join the team.” The only reason “Shoebox 1K” got so big is because of the time friends put in, because of the generosity of individuals, companies, groups and manufacturers. The only reason “Shoebox 1K” came into being is because I was challenged by a young man named “Caleb.” Caleb knew about shoeboxes because he was in my children’s ministry and his mom was one of my “partners in crime” for collecting supplies year round. The reason I started collecting supplies year round because a 3 year old Winter had her heart touched by our yearly family Christmas project. Our family’s Christmas project was started because someone told me, I could use a shoebox gift to bless a child in need and tell them about Jesus. 

Sunday, I was able to share with our Children's Ministry about my trip, they then helped me put the finishing touches on a shoebox I am taking with me. This shoebox represents so many who have given to not only this trip, but to Shoebox 1K! There are things from my fabulous group of "Shoebox 1K Crafters," there's a sewing kit with a sampler in it from Jack Dempsey Needle Arts,there are items chosen by dear friends, there is a special top made by Caleb (yes the one who first challenged me to do a 1000 boxes!) There is a Monster Loom from Rainbow Loom and a loom bracelet made by my daughter, there are letters and a "boo-boo" bunny from my Children's Ministry and I filled each and every nook and cranny the way my OCC team members Dorinda and Becky would :) Each item representing something/someone that means so very much to me, because they helped make this possible. 

The children from church praying over this box
Monday, I should have been packing but you know me; I had to throw in a last minute crafting project *grin* (shhh they are for my team members in Paraguay.) Which then made me want to pack an emergency craft kit cause you never know when you will have a "crafting emergency!

Shh I should be packing, but decided to fit in some last minute crafting! 

Then I had the kids over before I left (and they came with friends) and now I should be sleeping but wanted to share here first. 

So if you think about me this week, pray for me, and the team and the opportunities the Lord will be opening up for us, and pray for those very precious children receiving the boxes we will be handing out! If you want to follow my adventures check out "Shoebox 1K" on Facebook! 


  1. So happy for you! Have a wonderful time and take lots and lots of photos.

  2. I am so happy to be able to live vicariously through you in hopes my opportunity will come.


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