Monday, June 13, 2016

Act Fast!

You have 10 minutes to run through Wally World to pick up something "clever" for a thank you for Operation Christmas Child team on a limited budget...what do you do?

Do you?

A) Pick up gift cards just kick in the extra money after all it's your team
B) Give up, give them a hug or a handshake and a hearty "Thank you" after all it's the thought that counts.
C) Run around the store like a crazy woman dashing between, the Christmas aisle and craft aisle

If you are pick "C" I recently had to put together quick thank-you gifts for my area team. Since hubby was waiting in the car and his patience was limited, my time in the store was too!

My first stop was to the "Christmas Aisle" where I picked up 4 packs of ball mazes. They happen to be discounted to $1 per pack...score!

Next on my whirlwind trip was running to the paper craft/wedding aisle. (I don't know about you but our store has separated art, sewing, crafts, from jewelry/wedding/paper crafting, which makes zero sense!) Here I found adorable mini paper "bags." $1.98 for 10...not bad!

Last stop was to the Christmas wrapping area, here I picked up tubes of mini bows, anything mini is cute. $1 for a tube of 8

Running through the check out, My grand total was $10 and I was out in 10 minutes!

When I got home it was simply a matter of using my printer and some tape to pull it all together. I started by creating "You are Ah-Maze-ing" mini cards. I used a business card template, and layered it over a free maze image that came with the program. After printing and cutting them out, I used the mini bags as envelopes.

To the outside of the bags I attached the mazes with some rolled up tape (While the items inexpensive, I knew most of my team had kids/grandkids that would enjoy playing with the game.) I added a bow for a cute presentation.

The end result was a handmade thank-you that cost under $1 each ($.58 each to be exact)

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