Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Roll-up Checkerboard

In the life of THIS crafter not only is March National Craft Month BUT as one that collects all year long for Operation Christmas Child "quality crafts" are the item of the month! What better way to celebrate both occasions than to create something for Operation Christmas Child!

I love creating items to put into my shoebox gifts for Operation Christmas Child. I believe I put a piece of my heart into every item I make. Who better to give a piece of my heart to than a child in need?

Operation Christmas Child typically receives the least amount of boxes for children in  the 10-14 year old age range. Having four kids of my own, my guess for this occurrence would be simply "what do you get (or make) a child that age?" For year round shoebox packers and filler item collectors I wanted to come up with a project that would answer that question.

This roll-up checkerboard fits the bill. Perfect for a boy or a girl it can even be personalized by the colors you choose, or the items you use for checkers. 

Supplies Needed:
Fabric placemat at least 12” x 18”
Stencil Brush
Masking Tape
Paper Plate 
24” length of Ribbon
Markers, Buttons, tokens (12 each of 2 different colors) 

VELCRO® 5/8" sew on coins


Make sure placemat is clean and ironed flat if necessary

With placemat facing you lengthwise, position the checkerboard stencil on one end of the placemat and tape stencil in place using masking tape.

Using stencil brush, apply paint to the stenciled areas, remove stencil and allow to dry. 

Apply 2- 2 inch pieces of Fabric Fuse to the non painted end of the placemat. Fold non painted end of placemat up to the checkerboard to form a pocket. Apply firm pressure to taped areas to make sure the adhesive bond is secure. 

Fill the pocket with the pieces you have decided to use for checkers and roll up board. Mark area on back side you wish to place the ribbon tie. Remove checkers. Apply 1 1/2 inch piece of Fabric Fuse to middle of ribbon (you might have to trim or fold over the adhesive depending on the width of your ribbon.) Place ribbon unto area marked, and apply firm pressure to secure adhesive.

To play: unroll mat and remove checkers

For storage: place pieces inside of pocket and roll up. Tie ribbon to secure. 

Once rolled up most normal sized tokens being used for checker pieces should stay in place for storage. For bulkier pieces apply a VELCRO® 5/8" sew on coin along the edge of the pocket using fabric fuse.

A HUGE THANK-YOU to Plaid Crafts for providing the stencils, brushes, and paint, and  Therm-o-web for providing Fabric Fuse for this project!

Would you like to learn more about Operation Christmas Child and how you can pack your own shoebox gift for a child in need? Check out their website for more information.  How to pack a shoebox

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