Monday, July 10, 2017

Paper Mache' Flower Pot Games

Each year volunteers pack millions of gift filled shoeboxes for children in need. These shoebox gifts are sent to children all over the world through Operation Christmas Child.  Shoebox gifts are filled with; school supplies, personal care items, clothing, small toys and more.  As a crafter there are so many things you can make to personalize your shoebox gift.  I believe when you create you share a part of yourself,  a part of your heart. Who better to share your heart with than a child in need?
Operation Christmas Child’s National Collection Week is  just 1 month away but there is still time to create something to put into your shoebox gift. Toys and games are always a highlight with any child’s gift. These paper mache’ flower pot games are fun for 1 of for 2. 

Supplies needed:

For both games:
3- 3inch paper maché Darice
Assorted paint colors Delta CeramCoat Paints
sanding sponge
2-golf plastic balls (the ones with the holes) 

For ball catch:
1-26” piece of narrow ribbon
1-large eyed darning needle
2 beads (large enough they will not go through the holes in the ball) 
1-3/8” dowel rod (cut into a 6” segment) 
2-3/8” washers
1  3/4” wood bead with large hole (big enough to fit the dowel rod)
Drill and drilling bit

For tossing game:

1 paint stirrer or flat craft stick at least 1” wide. Cut into 2-6” pieces

General Directions:

1) Lightly sand dowel rod, craft stick pieces, and flower pots- if needed (some came with a bit of a “shiny coat” I gave the pots a once over to make sure the paint would adhere.)

2) Paint the flower pots, Craft stick pieces, and dowel rod, allow to dry.

Ball Catch Directions

  1. Drill a hole to fit the dowel rod in the base of the flower pot. This can be done with a craft knife as well, but I found a drill made for a cleaner hole. 

2) Take one end of the ribbon and tie a double not about 5” from the end, thread one bead onto the ribbon resting against the knot, thread ribbon through middle holes of the practice golf ball, add another bead, and make a 2nd double knot to secure in place. Trim the end and add a dab of glue to secure if desired. (See photo)  

3) From under the flower pot, insert about 1” of  the opposite end of the ribbon into the hole drilled glue inside the flower pot

4) Glue wood bead to the end of the dowel rod, thread a washer onto dowel rod. Put a bead of Mod melt glue around the drilled hole inside the flower pot.  Immediately insert dowel rod threading through the hole until the washer and bead rest on the inside bottom of the flower pot. Allow glue to cool. (see photo) This forms a handle.

4) From the bottom of the handle thread the other washer onto the dowel rod and glue to the base of the flower pot. (The washers give the paper maché some extra support and protection from repeated use.)

To play: See if you can catch the ball in the cup. 

For Toss Across Game: 

Using mod melter glue one flower pot to the end of each stick. 

To play:

Grab a friend and play catch.

Thanks to Plaid Crafts for providing the Mod Melter for the project! 

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