Thursday, June 29, 2017

Splatter Paint part 2

One of the difficulties of splatter painting is waiting for the paint to dry! Waiting for paint to dry is like .....well waiting for paint to dry😂😂😂!

I shared yesterday about the splatter paint project I taught at the Christian Youth Center of Morris as part of their "Exploring Arts" summer  program.  I couldn't resist getting in on the "splatter painting" action with the teens.

I decided to create my own version of the youth center logo!

I created a large paper mask of the C-Y-C-M and then used stencil spray and tape to attach it to a black canvas. I thought the black against the color would create more of a striking contrast. I kept with the color scheme for the original logo. 


In addition to my rendition of the logo, I decided to experiment with acrylic pouring and dipping. We took all of the left over paint and poured it into a cookie sheet. We then swirled the paint to create a marbleized look. 


I then dipped the canvases into the paint. Some of them were interesting...this one though was my favorite.  After dipping the canvas, I took a paper cup and dipped the rim of the cup in and used that to stamp the canvas. I had a lot of fun playing! 

Thanks again Plaid Crafts for sponsoring our spatter paint project! The teens were not the only ones that had fun! 

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