Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Of Lent and Another's Art

I love when two worlds collide. I work for a Lutheran church in a neighboring town. The season of Lent is upon us and the pastor wanted to do something different for the community. 

In her words: 
 "Lent is a time in the church year that we take time out for reflection. It’s a season of quiet, somberness, and introspection. It’s the dark before the light of Easter. Our lives are so busy sometimes it’s difficult to carve out time for Lenten practices. So this year at Peace, every Wednesday from March 13th and ending April 10th, the sanctuary at Peace will be open from Noon until 7:00 pm for a Self-Guided Lenten Journey.   
Each week, 3 stations of the cross will be displayed with artwork, music, and a self-guided devotion. Peace has obtained permission to use prints of art created by artist Lynne Kiefer Kobylecky. Ms Kobylecky’s work is on permanent display at the Trappist Monastery in Carlton, Oregon and her work portrays the last hours before the death of Jesus. Each station will have a scripture reading and prayer, along with the artwork display.  
All are welcome to come during the open hours and stay as long desired. On the fifth week on April 10th, there will also be a station concluding the journey with candles for a time of meditation." 

 The original pieces are hanging in a Trappist Monastery in Oregon. They are sculptural images, so the pieces are three dimensional.  Pastor Lu wanted to showcase this artwork and provide a meditative atmosphere. I was asked to help showcase the art. After finding out Pastor Lu's vision, I went to work using my "art" to showcase another's art!

We had permission to create photo prints of Lynn's artwork, but due to the file size of our originals the largest we could print was 8 x 10. After printing out matte photos of the artwork, I attached them to 8 x 10 canvases. Before attaching the photos,  we sponged several different colors on the sides and edges of the canvas choosing colors similar to our photos to give the illusion of textured stone. 

The canvases were then attached to foam core board. The boards were placed into frames that we had antiqued black with goal crackle. Because each photo is a station we need to designate the stations. To do this we created 2 x 2 mini canvases using the same color scheme as the larger canvases and masking numbers to designate stations. The display turned out reminiscent of pieces in an art gallery. Exactly the look that was hoped for.  

Three stations of the cross will be on display each Wednesday during Lent. The church has Gregorian Chanting playing softly in the background and a prayer and scripture guide accompanies each piece. People are free to come sit, kneel or stand as long as they desire. The whole atmosphere of the display allows participants a place of quiet reflection to prepare their hearts for Easter.

If you are in the Morris, IL area and would like to participate in the Self-Guided Lenten Journey. It is happening at:

101 Candlelight Ln.
Morris, IL 60450
Hours are Wednesdays Noon-7:00 pm 
 The program runs the duration of Lent beginning March 13 and ending April 10. Three stations will be available for viewing each week. 

We would like to thank; Lynne Kiefer Kobylecky for permission to use her artwork and Plaid Crafts for providing paint, brushes, and mediums to use with this project. 

Check out the photos below for a sneak peek on the behind the scenes of this project: 

Supplies used: Photos, Canvases 8"x 10" and 2"x 2", Plaid Folk Art Paint, Plaid Folk Art Crackle Medium, Brushes, Sponge, Mod Podge Ultra, Hazel and Ruby Number Masks, 


  1. What an awesome project! I wish I could see it in person.

  2. What an Amazing project to undertake. I can see it coming together because it is done not only with skill and artistry. But in the spirit of love. For the most important event in Christianity, you are so blessed to partake in this journey. Will await the completion. Godspeed. Thank the minister for her words for me.


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