Monday, May 30, 2022

Well now she's done it!

 If you have noticed my "quiet" as of recent, it's because I have learned something...I don't type well 1 handed! If you follow me on Facebook, you might have learned that I broke my wrist. I would love to tell you some exciting story about saving baby ducklings and sacrificing myself in the pursuit...but that would be a lie! Truth is I tripped over a shoe in the kitchen and landed on the table funny. 

So my accessory as of late has been a lovely cast. You know me...never one to leave plain alone have enjoyed decorating the casts throughout the past several weeks. 

You might wonder how??...Well first we painted. (Well I let Em paint...I just sat there.)

When that cast came painter retired and so I had to take matters into my own hands, so I experimented with some Mod Podge and fussy cutting scrapbook paper.  (Finishing up with a bit of pen detailing.) 

After this one was cut off...I decided what every #CrazyShoeboxLady wanted was an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift inspired cast.  This time I took photos of the elements of the shoebox and then printed on specialty paper, again more fussy cutting, and some Mod Podge and some trusty ole e-6000. I finished with some spray sealer to keep the images from bleeding. 


As fun as it was to decorate the casts. I am really looking forward to things like; showering with two hands, and cutting my own meat...oh and the biggest one getting dressed all by myself. 


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